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Best All Natural & Organic Eco-friendly Infant & Toddler Products that will Protect your Baby’s Soft Skin

Your newborns delicate skin is more thin and porous than that of an adult and a newborns skin has not yet developed enough natural protectants, such as oils and melanin. Conventional products use unnatural chemicals. Imagine a newborns skin absorbing all those harsh chemicals. This can cause skin rashes and irritations, as well as a variety of environmental issues our children will have to deal with when they grow older. As more and more facts come out about the risks and negative long term effects of the chemicals found in conventional baby products, we are hearing more about all natural and organic baby products and they are becoming much more popular.  Because organic all natural baby products are free of these potentially harmful chemicals they are safe for your baby and will not harm their delicate newborn skin.

In order to be certified organic a product has to adhere to strict guidelines set out by the National Organic Standards Board. Every step in the process of the item must meet these guidelines from the soil it is grown in, to the facilities in which it is created and handled. This means that there are no harsh or dangerous pesticides or chemicals used when creating a 100% certified organic eco friendly all natural product.  The only types of fertilizers, pesticides or dyes used on an organic product are derived from animal or vegetable matter. This process creates a zero impact on the environment, protects the earth’s resources and your baby’s sensitive skin. Way back in time, that is the only way anything was produced and there weren’t as many allergies, skin irritations and sicknesses as there are today, not to mention as many environmental issues. So the next time you are shopping for your little bundle of joy, consider the benefits of organic, all natural products on their delicate skin.

At Baby Maya we offer a wide variety of all natural organic, eco friendly baby products and supplies which have been specially selected for their high standards and quality.  It is all natural, 100% certified organic and environmentally friendly. We believe the benefits of using organic products and supplies on your newborn baby’s skin speak for themselves. We care how you bath and dress your baby, and that is why we bring you the very best organic bath products, all natural baby lotions, and eco friendly cotton baby clothing not only to protect your infant’s delicate skin, but to also protect the environment and your baby’s future.

 Because we are a small online based baby products and supplies store we do not have the overhead and operating costs of traditional business. These savings are passed to you allowing us to offer the very best all natural and organic environmentally friendly baby products and supplies at the best discount prices possible.

Doesn’t your most precious possession deserve only the very best?

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